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Money now has a decentralized form of exchange.

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Market Opportunity

We see the convergence of currency coming. Trillions of dollars in physical and digital transactions occur globally every day. An estimated $220 billion of foreign currency is exchanged every hour. Those transactions occur across 180 global currencies and via countless local and international financial institutions… and yet, most global consumers still have no idea how best to leverage and protect their money and assets on a global scale.

The CVI platform empowers consumers in the global economy to not just manage their money more effectively, but to do it faster and more securely than ever before.

The patent-pending artificial intelligence of the ArgentX Platform makes choosing which currency or payment method simple with predictive recommendation in real-time within our exclusive payment smartphone app. Now anyone in any location has the power to access, exchange, manage and store cryptocurrency, credit, debit and traditional fiat at their fingertips — and all secured in the most advanced e-wallet on the planet. With the world economy on the precipice of a fiscal tectonic shift, CVI puts global buying power back into the hands of the consumers everywhere.

Argent X Platform

Cryptographically-secure and powered by our patent-pending AI, the proprietary ArgentX currency exchange platform harnesses the power of blockchain for the transactions that matter most. CVI facilitates true, cross-border transactions without limitations to any asset or business process connected to a blockchain to connect consumers, merchants and currencies.

CVI introduces instant and frictionless payment options that unlock the value of money. Credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, cryptocurrency and fiat — the ArgentX Platform, mobile payment solutions and point of sale applications connects the dots between blockchain-based currencies, fiat and traditional payment methods to allow users to make their money go as far as they do. Additionally, CVI will achieve rapid adoption based on partnerships with existing point of sale platforms and the UNOVO card program which is accepted at 40M+ merchants around the word.

Harnessing the power of blockchain technologies, our predictive analytics and patent-pending AI algorithms analyze a users’ possible payment options and makes customized recommendations for purchases in real-time. Consumers can now access to multiple fiat and virtual currencies across different blockchains in real-time. By determining exactly which payment method promises the most ‘buying power’, the ArgentX platform puts global financial knowledge right at a user’s fingertips.

The ArgentX Platform takes the guesswork out of currency exchange by putting all of a users’ payment methods and currencies in one secure location. ArgentX makes transactions in any currency virtually seamless by allowing users complete control over how and when money is exchanged and transferred from one currency to another.

Send, receive, and deposit funds all from the TradFre wallet. Whether at home or traveling, quickly access available cryptocurrencies, cards, accounts and payment methods in one secure digital environment.

Advanced biometric security protocols and multi-factor authentication allow users to store, use and manage all of their currencies in one of the most secure platforms available today.

Keep your cryptocurrency even more secure by transferring into cold storage — and still get complete control and viewing access via the ArgentX Platform.

Send directly and conveniently both cryptocurrency and traditional fiat just like you spend local currently – with no additional fees and real-time purchase protection.

Unovo Card

Get seamless global access to your funds anywhere with the reloadable UNOVO Card. With our secure app, simply top up your UNOVO Card using any of your available blockchain-based or fiat currencies and use it anywhere, at anytime, for any purchase.

Financial Control & Convenience

The Tradfre’ wallet connects your blockchain assets to real world payment platforms. Top up your UNOVO Card with funds stored within the ArgentX Platform, including cryptocurrency, tokens and traditional fiat. When you make a purchase, your funds are automatically available in the currency at point of purchase instantly.

Global Purchasing Power

Use your UNOVO Card just like a credit card — make purchases online or in-store with over 40 million merchants around the world. The UNOVO Card is designed to go where you go, and make purchases even with merchants that do not yet accept cryptocurrency payments.

Future-Proof, Adaptive Security

Since the UNOVO Card is powered by the ArgentX Platform, it’s fundamentally more secure than a traditional pre-paid or debit cards today. From our next-level biometric login technology to the adaptive security controls, your money and cards are completely in your control with the Tradfre’ wallet and ArgentX platform.

Ecommerce Integrated Solution

Working with the leading ecommerce platforms, CVI will offer API access for connecting the payment solutions, transactional gateway access, inventory controls and instant sync to QuickBooks all through the ArgentX platform.

CVI Bank Account

Users can access, manage and securely store money within a CVI bank account, and easily access funds at the touch of a button. Get the same functionality of a traditional bank account to send, receive and manage money all within the ArgentX Platform.

Loyalty Credits

Users can earn Loyalty Credits that are exchangeable for Tradfre’ Tokens (TDFT) when completing transactions via the platform — which can be used in exchange for products and services offered by partner merchants within the platform.

The CVI Roadmap

The development funds will be allocated
towards meeting the following milestones:

Click on the dates to follow along with our development.

Launch of New Website

Launch of new branding, website and social media.

Token Generation Event

The Token Generation Event will ultimately allow the substantially accelerated platform development and incentivization of early users onto the Platform.

Application Development

The first Applications to be in beta testing after the Token Sale will be the Tradfré Wallet and Nuvelo Card Applications.

TDFT Token Rewards Program

The TDFT incentive formula weighted towards credit card transactions on the platform as they begin and accelerate with new members through the affiliate and partner marketing programs.

Nuvelo Card Launch

CVI will launch the initial card program with two strategic partners with quick-market scale.

Begin Distribution of Token Acceleration Pool

Early Merchant Members will be gifted TDFT tokens to incentivize their use of and contribution to the Platform.

Technology Layers Transition

CVI will complete the transition to a modified fee-reducing currency exchange network; CVI will launch ArgentX and Tradfré Wallet apps into the iTunes and Google Play stores.

First Currency Exchange Event

CVI and Platform Application Partners will begin conducting First Currency Exchange Event.

Marketing and Partnerships

As new Applications are developed, potential Application Hosts will be targeted and/or CVI may directly deploy the Application.

Exchange Listing

Exchange Listing will be an ongoing effort from the outset. We will constantly put efforts to make sure the TDFT Token is widely adopted.

Introducing the Tradfré Token

CVI introduces the Tradfré Token called TDFT. Through both expansions of the platform services and the continued use of the token as a currency on the platform, the TDFT offers scalability as a currency as a functional standard of blockchain technologies. As currency convergence begins to take shape, more opportunities exist for developer implementation and industry applications for blockchain technologies. CVI will incentivize the connections of other platforms and providers as nodes to the ArgentX Platform, inspiring new business models that will further promote the TDFT to be the new standard for trade and currency exchange applications within the ArgentX ecosystem. This revolution of ideas will inspire the rapid increase of structure, algorithms and efficiencies within the blockchain development, further standardizing the ArgentX Platform.
TDFT is a native cryptocurrency and a utility token that grants TDFT token holders access to both distributed applications on the platform and unique membership trading discounts, incentives and bonuses for use within the ArgentX ecosystem of members, merchants and partner networks.

Our Team

Optimizing the Crypto to Fiat Exchange for a Mobile Generation

See how the ArgentX Ecosystem maximizes the buying power of consumers everywhere.

CVI provides users with the most cost efficient payment method, in real time, at the point of sale for any transaction. This predictive recommendation is built by analyzing market behavior, collecting, aggregating and evaluating a portfolio of available currencies with the final recommendation factoring the users risk preference.

The system constantly sniffs historical data and related market events and news from the Blockchain. This builds the knowledges and rules base that will generate and trigger alerts in a proactive way; CVI helps humankind make better decisions about how they spend their money.

CVI introduces, thanks to, AI (artificial intelligence), predictability for optimal transaction efficiency with its “Intelligent data” module that is incorporated in a fully sponsored wallet platform and global payment solution. CVI also offers a full range of web services available to the developer community.

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