Leverage & Protect Your Money

We see the convergence of currency coming. Trillions of dollars in physical and digital transactions occur globally every day. An estimated $220 billion of foreign currency is exchanged every hour. Those transactions occur across 180 global currencies and via countless local and international financial institutions… and yet, most global consumers still have no idea how best to leverage and protect their money and assets on a global scale.

Global Buying Power

The CVI platform empowers consumers in the global economy to not just access and manage their money more effectively, but to do it faster and more securely than ever before.

Argent X Platform

The patent-pending artificial intelligence of the ArgentX Platform makes choosing which currency or payment method simple with predictive recommendations in real-time within our exclusive payment smartphone app. Now anyone, in any location has the power to access, exchange, manage and store cryptocurrency, credit, debit and traditional fiat at their fingertips — all secured in the most advanced e-wallet on the planet. With the world economy on the precipice of a fiscal tectonic shift, CVI puts global buying power back into the hands of consumers everywhere.

ArgentX is an entirely new generation of currency exchange and cryptocurrency transaction platform. It is based on three key components: Currency, Convergence and Convenience.

Reliable & Predictive Currency Exchange

Secure Convergence in Blockchain Wallet

Payment Convenience with Debit & Credit