Introducing the Tradfré Token - TDFT

CVI introduces the Tradfré Token called TDFT. Through both expansions of the platform services and the continued use of the token as a currency on the platform, the TDFT offers scalability as a currency as a functional standard of blockchain technologies. As currency convergence begins to take shape, more opportunities exist for developer implementation and industry applications for blockchain technologies. CVI will incentivize the connections of other platforms and providers as nodes to the ArgentX Platform, inspiring new business models that will further promote the TDFT to be the new standard for trade and currency exchange applications within the ArgentX ecosystem. This revolution of ideas will inspire the rapid increase of structure, algorithms and efficiencies within the blockchain development, further standardizing the ArgentX Platform.

Benefits of TDFT

TDFT is a native cryptocurrency and a utility token that grants TDFT token holders access to both distributed applications on the platform and unique membership trading discounts, incentives and bonuses for use within the ArgentX ecosystem of members, merchants and partner networks.

Future of TDFT

CVI will generate additional coins based on the enhanced blockchain technologies and algorithmic standards set forth in the ArgentX protocols. Each TDFT coin has an established value based on the current market value of the TDFT. The original token value is expected to rise as the number of members and tokens increase. This will correlate with both the expansion of blockchain technologies and the increase of members and transactions within the ArgentX Platform itself.

Proportionately, the investment in both CVI and the TDFT token will continue to increase as additional partners and connected services are connected to the ArgentX Platform. CVI is working with key technology leaders and expect the platform to be the underpinning of various international application methods directly related to cross-border transactions and member-to-merchant engagement. These will bring continued value enhancement to the TDFT coin and establish CVI as the leader of currency convergence technologies.